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How long do you spend on Pinterest? VCs talk Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Investing

Connie Chan loves Pinterest. “I bought something the first day I used it,” she said after testing the product, “I thought that other people would, too. I really love it, my friends love it.” What makes Chan different than most Pinterest users is that she’s a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, one the tech world’s best well-known venture capital firms….

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GMIC SV Panel Discussion: Build Local, Distribute Global. Industry Leaders Share Foreign Market Experiences

The first day of GMIC SV featured several panel discussions, including the Build Local, Distribute Global session focusing on international business development. The discussion highlighted both the strategies and successes of GetJar, Zynga, Groupon, Foursquare and ZeptoLab in foreign markets while being moderated by Benjamin Joffee, CEO of Plus8Star. As these industry leaders shared their…

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Gaming is Entertainment: CEO of EA Denies Game-Making is a Data-Driven or Social Business

As the first in a series of keynote speakers at GMIC SV John Riccitiello, CEO of Electronics Arts, took some time to set the record straight on the direction and evolution of the gaming industry. The EA front man stressed the importance of quality gaming experiences serving as the core from which games themselves can…

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G-Startup – Investing in Startups is Like Marriage, Say VCs at GMIC SV

In hiring, in marriage, and in finding funding for your startup, it’s not necessarily about the money. That was the key message venture capitalists shared with G-Startup competition hopefuls at the Global Mobile Internet Conference Friday morning. Choosing an investment partner is almost like a marriage, said Canice Wu, president of the Plug and Play…

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GMIC SV: G-Startup Submissions Due Today

This years G-Startup competition in Silicon Valley has already brought in over 100 applicants from 18 countries. Set to take place at GMIC SV on October 19-20th, G-Startup is the most innovative platform for mobile Internet developers worldwide. The deadline for G-Startup submissions is this evening at 11:59PM PST, so anyone who is still looking to submit…

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Meet the Execs: Lin Bin, President and Co-Founder, Xiaomi [GMIC Roadshow USA]

China’s tech companies are a force to be reckoned with.  With the aim to inform, educate, and promote sharing between the East and West, the GMIC Roadshow USA will bring 8 C-Level executives and top GMIC speakers, who are China’s top mobile leaders, to Silicon Valley on November 5th – 12th.  Introducing another member of this trip’s…

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Wheels Up: GMIC Road Show Heads To The U.S.

Connect With Tech Leaders on Tour At The GMIC Roadshow USA San Francisco – Palo Alto – San Jose The GMIC Roadshow – Tech Leaders on Tour The GMIC Roadshow  is an exceptional opportunity for Silicon Valley based companies to learn about opportunities in China, build relationships with top leaders and promote their initiatives in Asia without even leaving the Bay area….

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Evernote CEO, “We Need to be in China”

Phil Libin, the CEO of Evernote, stated that “We need to be in China”.  While on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt: Beijing, he explained that he wants Evernote here, not because he sees massive numbers of potentional customers, but because he sees massive amounts of creativity going on in China. According to Phil, the goal of…

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Monday Dinners: The Great Wall Club’s Best Kept Secret

At the end of September Great Wall Club sent its CEO, WenChu, and its Vice President, Barret Parkman, to the United States to begin a whirlwind tour of events, dinners, and  business meetings. The climax of this trip was a closed door executive round-table dinner hosted by the Great Wall Club, which brought together some of…

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GMIC Roadshow USA: China’s tech leaders on tour

The Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC), a conference hosted by the Great Wall Club,  will kick off a promotional event series for the conference this coming week by heading to the United States.  The “GMIC Roadshow” will bring 8 C-Level executives of leading mobile Internet companies in China to San Francisco as they visit companies,…

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