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Hangzhou Subway Opening Soon, Will Include 4G “Mifi” Service

Subway systems have been springing up in China’s cities over the past decade, and this has not been limited to larger cities like Shanghai and Beijing. Other cities are rapidly expanding transportation and technology infrastructure. Hangzhou will soon be opening a new subway, and they will apparently be adding 4G service to the mix. According…

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Microsoft in China: Making Inroads with Azure, Accused of Monopoly Behavior in Guangzhou

Two interesting pieces of news for Microsoft today. Microsoft is both gaining a foothold in Shanghai and starting a legal battle in Guangzhou. Azure Microsoft made the announcement that it will be cooperating with China’s carrier-neutral internet data services provider 21Vianet to provide its Azure cloud services in China. According to Netease, Azure will be…

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[Interview] Delivery Hero China: Shanghai’s Best Food on One Platform

Something that China does quite well is food, and meal delivery services are almost always an expected feature in the restaurant business, though many restaurant choices are not as savory as others. For hungry workers, finding the best food can be a difficult process. Enter Delivery Hero China, or Waimai Chaoren, the one-stop delivery solution…

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Rovio to Open Angry Birds Theme Parks in China

The team behind Angry Birds at Finland-based Rovio Entertainment is making some interesting new strides in China, announcing last week that it will be opening a number of new venues to promote its vastly popular franchise. Known for its aggressive merchandising and branding, the company has gained an impressive fan base worldwide, and it looks…

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