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Evernote CEO Phil Libin Announces Launch of Evernote Business at GMIC 2013

Evernote CEO Phil Libin has a lot to celebrate in Beijing this week. First things first: Evernote China, or Yinxiang Biji, turned one year old. That’s one year from Evernote China’s launch from last year’s GMIC (Libin tweeted Happy Birthday greetings to the China team on May 5). And, the more headline worthy announcement: Evernote Business (Yinxiang Biji…

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Evernote in China’s Cloud Note Market Making an Unexpected Impact

Evernote is doing surprisingly well in China, though it still lags behind domestic competitors in terms of users, according to the folks at TechWeb. Evernote has already won over 1.1 million Chinese users since its launch last month here at GWC’s GMIC2012. Still, Evernote’s competitors believe that the market for cloud-based note services has not…

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Evernote Secures $70 Million in Financing for Overseas Expansion

It was announced late yesterday that Evernote has secured an additional $70 million in private equity for its operations. Led through financing from Meritech Capital and CBC Capital, the new round of funding aims for a company valuation of $1 billion, an impressive number for the notetaking software developer. Evernote is a suite of applications…

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Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote: Extra Memory For The Human Brain

Continuing our look at the speakers for Global Mobile Internet Conference 2012, today we’re going to look at one of our international speakers, Phil Libin.  Phil is the CEO of Evernote, the internet sensation built around helping its users remember things.  But don’t be fooled by that simple explanation, Evernote is more than a mere…

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