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GGS Seoul Sends Ten Korean Mobile Games to GMIC Beijing for New Distribution in the Chinese Market

Following on the coattails of its successful GGS mobile gaming event in San Francisco, GWC held its 4th GGS event last Friday evening in the Microsoft Center in Central Seoul’s Gangnam district, where an audience of 100 game developers, investors, and distributors were given a taste of Korea’s latest innovators in the mobile game space….

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Android Games in China May Overtake iOS Games in Q3

Some predict that Android may perform better than iOS in revenue in Q3 this year. Revenue for games on iOS has seen no change in the past eight months, while Android game revenue has multiplied by five or six fold. One reason may be that Android game developers face fewer technological obstacles when developing games now….

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Defend China’s Islands…On Your iPad!

This morning on Candou, a marketplace for mobile applications that bears remarkable resemblance to the platform over at Wandoujia–no judgement passed of course–news was released about an entertaining new game for the iPad and iPhone entitled “Defend the Diaoyu Islands.” The description reads rather emphatically: Defend the Diaoyu Islands, for they are the inalienable territory of…

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GMIC 2012: Mobile Games As a Revolution in Storytelling?

What does a panel of several big names in the mobile gaming industry sound like? It sounds a bit like it is redefining the word “hubris,” though that might be expected from some of the largest names worldwide. The defining subject of Friday’s discussion at GMIC2012 on mobile gaming was on the theme of emotions…

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