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GGS Seoul Sends Ten Korean Mobile Games to GMIC Beijing for New Distribution in the Chinese Market

Following on the coattails of its successful GGS mobile gaming event in San Francisco, GWC held its 4th GGS event last Friday evening in the Microsoft Center in Central Seoul’s Gangnam district, where an audience of 100 game developers, investors, and distributors were given a taste of Korea’s latest innovators in the mobile game space….

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China’s 3G Speeds Are Not Even One Tenth Those of Korea and Japan

China’s 3G network speed is still not even one tenth the average speeds of Korea and Japan, a quality assessment conducted by UMNet revealed today. In October 2012, average 3G rates  in China were 52.51Kb/s, with China Unicom speeds being the fastest at 55.04Kb/s, China Telecom’s service averaged 49.67Kb/s, and China Mobile averaged 28.26Kb/s. In…

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Is Free Internet a Game-Changing Trend in China? Hangzhou Becomes China’s First Free Wifi City

A growing trend in Asia has been the gradual adoption of free Wifi Internet in developed municipalities. This has especially been the case for Korea, where Internet is available in all subways and major locations. In fact, a quick stroll around Seoul almost gives one the impression that Wifi has become the new mobile. The…

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