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GMIC SV Panel Discussion: Just Launch It. How Startups Can Create Popular Global Releases.

Barrett Parkman, who serves as VP for The Great Wall Club, led the first panel discussion of what should be an exciting second day focused on the startup economy at GMIC-SV in San Jose, CA. Ryosuke Kawamura, CEO of Bitcellar, Inc. and Doug Renert, Partner at Tandem Capital, stopped by to discuss Building a Global…

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GMIC SV Panel Discussion: Build Local, Distribute Global. Industry Leaders Share Foreign Market Experiences

The first day of GMIC SV featured several panel discussions, including the Build Local, Distribute Global session focusing on international business development. The discussion highlighted both the strategies and successes of GetJar, Zynga, Groupon, Foursquare and ZeptoLab in foreign markets while being moderated by Benjamin Joffee, CEO of Plus8Star. As these industry leaders shared their…

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