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Cooliris Adds New Features to Popular Photo App, Includes Google Drive and Flickr Integration

The team over at Cooliris in Palo Alto has released a new update of their photo sharing application today with new support for Google Drive, Picasa/Google+, and Flickr. Cooliris is an app for iPad and iPhone that allows users to experience their photos and selectively share them all in one place. Since its launch four…

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A Funnier Instagram? Otaku Camera Turns Life Into a Japanese Cartoon

There has been a proliferation of new apps in the past year related to photo enhancements and effects, the most famous of which is of course Instagram, but nothing has been as potentially hilarious as what was revealed to us today from the team at Tokyo Otaku Mode, as their newest app “Otaku Camera” is going…

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[Interview] Cooliris Already Top in 63 Countries and Expanding in Asia

Though their app has only been in the public light since its launch at the beginning of August, the folks over at Cooliris are already making an impact that will have photo enthusiasts rejoicing and some competitors in the industry glancing a wary eye. Originally started in 2007 as an application for browsers to display…

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