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[Interview] GetJar’s CEO Chris Dury Talks Plans for 2013, Getjar Gold Boasts 100 Million Accounts

GetJar is one of the largest distributors of Android apps outside of the Android Market. With more than 2 billion downloads and 75 million users on its GetJar Gold platform, GetJar has become the largest independent, cross-platform app store in the US. GetJar’s “open” model allows for third-party developers to distribute apps more freely on…

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GMIC SV Panel Discussion: Build Local, Distribute Global. Industry Leaders Share Foreign Market Experiences

The first day of GMIC SV featured several panel discussions, including the Build Local, Distribute Global session focusing on international business development. The discussion highlighted both the strategies and successes of GetJar, Zynga, Groupon, Foursquare and ZeptoLab in foreign markets while being moderated by Benjamin Joffee, CEO of Plus8Star. As these industry leaders shared their…

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Battlefield: Getjar – Where Chinese Internet Companies Are Pushing The International Frontlines

The New International Battlefield for Chinese Mobile Internet Companies is Getjar A few days ago, we saw Tencent launch their QQ Browser on Getjar in order to target the global market and more specifically, the US. The obvious theme that has been discussed quite a bit lately is that Chinese mobile and Internet companies are…

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