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Gaming is Entertainment: CEO of EA Denies Game-Making is a Data-Driven or Social Business

As the first in a series of keynote speakers at GMIC SV John Riccitiello, CEO of Electronics Arts, took some time to set the record straight on the direction and evolution of the gaming industry. The EA front man stressed the importance of quality gaming experiences serving as the core from which games themselves can…

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First Look at China Joy 2012

Apart from the throngs of women putting on their makeup in cafés, subway stations and street corners this morning, for the time being there is little to report at China Joy 2012. Hundreds of gaming companies show up for China Joy 2012 every year, some to present games, others to present products, though a vast majority…

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Fireside Chat with David Roberts, CEO of PopCap Games (SVP, Electronic Arts)

In a fireside chat with David Roberts, CEO of PopCap Games (SVP, Electronic Arts) Richard Robinson, President and Co-Founder of Youlu Inc.,  started by firing away with the main question: Why the sale of PopCap Games to EA for $1.3 billion last July? Mr. Roberts said that the main reason for his sale was based…

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NewsWrap: Korean Gaming Market Changing, Thousands Line up for BlackBerry 9790, Social Gaming Running into Obstacles, Samsung Dropping Netbooks, Twitter Partnering with Mixi

NewsWrap brings you the latest today in Tech News from China and the world at large. Today we look at future changes in the Korean gaming market, the turnout for the new BlackBerry device release in Indonesia, the obstacles that social gaming is currently facing, Samsung dropping netbooks in 2012, and Twitter partnering with Japan’s…

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ChinaJoy – China’s Penultimate Gaming Convention

(Cue Mötley Crüe’s “Girls, Girls, Girls”) Chinajoy, the penultimate gaming convention for China, concluded this past Sunday in Shanghai, China.  This was mobiSights’ first time to the convention, and it was definitely an experience.  It’s tough to tell whether it’s a gaming convention with a showgirl theme, or a showgirl convention with a gaming theme….

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