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India: Nokia Replaces Cold, Hard Cash With SMS Messages

  “Indian launch of Nokia Money, Nokia’s new e-wallet service, is a push to win back consumers.” The mobile world is changing and as it does, so does our lifestyle.  Mobile device makers, app developers, and service providers have come up with countless new apps, models, and services to attract mobile users.  Apps which are…

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Monday Dinners: The Great Wall Club’s Best Kept Secret

At the end of September Great Wall Club sent its CEO, WenChu, and its Vice President, Barret Parkman, to the United States to begin a whirlwind tour of events, dinners, and  business meetings. The climax of this trip was a closed door executive round-table dinner hosted by the Great Wall Club, which brought together some of…

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mobiTalk #02: After the Bell – Lei Jun VS. Dave McClure

Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, and Dave McClure, Co-Founder of 500 Startups, discussed their experiences as investors in the high speed world of the mobile tech industry at GWC’s mobiTalk speaker series.  The two men shared their insights on how they pick the companies they fund and what their opinion was of various aspects of…

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mobiTalk #2: What Are Your Questions for Lei Jun and Dave McClure?

As mentioned previously, mobiSight’s own Yiqun Bo will have the exciting job of moderating (refereeing?) a panel between two of the most controversial and industry changing investors in China and Silicon Valley tomorrow night. Whether you agree with them or not, these two always have something to say that will challenge your thinking. What questions…

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mobiTalk #2: Dave McClure Vs. Lei Jun – Saturday Night Fight In Beijing

500 Startups Founder, Dave McClure, is set to take on Lei Jun, China’s premiere Super Angel in the Chaoyang District Saturday, October 15th, 2011.  This goodwill match between the two Super Angels will bring Western analysis up against Eastern philosophy.  Dave McClure and his “Geeks On A Plane” team hope to upset the hometown favorite,…

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