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Asia’s Global Impact on Mobile and Digital

High-powered infrastructures, coupled with Asia’s culture of sharing, are driving significant growth in mobile and digital markets in the region. But it’s not stopping just there. Despite being a very fragmented market, many Asian companies have gotten excellent traction in their local markets, enough to have the horsepower to get them to leap beyond their borders…

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Especially If You Are Trying to Build a Mobile App with International Appeal

The Mobile juggernaut is not stopping and has grabbed the attention of entrepreneurs and technologists worldwide. We also know, however, that making the leap from a startup to a global company with growth worldwide is easier said than done.  In todays app ecosystem, the top apps in a country usually come from outside that country….

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[Interview] Mindtalk’s Social Network Sharpens Common Interests and Gives Local Cultures a Voice

Indonesia is a fast growing market for the technology scene, boasting a rich and diverse culture with a variety of innovative ideas.  With conferences and startups rapidly sprouting up, the island nation is prepping itself to become one of Asia’s largest hubs for innovation (read Daily Social or Tech in Asia). Especially when it comes to social interaction,…

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