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[Interview] GREE Making Its Way Into China

I sat down with Yusuke Amano, GREE’s Senior VP of Asia-Pacific, this Saturday at China Joy 2012 to gain an understanding of GREE’s plans in the China region. GREE is making an aggressive push into China, and they are investigating partnerships to get there faster. Mr. Amano was happy to let me know a few developments…

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China Joy CGDC: Social Mobile Games Are Slightly Hilarious Though Not Yet Viable

People carry their phones wherever they go these days. According to Jiashen, CEO of Chocobots, “These days approximately 30% of people carry their phones with them to the bathroom.” “Of course,” says Samson Mow, CEO of Pixelmatic, “everything is about notifications” when it comes to social mobile, including unexpected messages you receive in the bathroom…

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