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The Changing Landscape of CES, Away from Traditional Companies and Towards Smaller Innovators

CES 2013 officially wrapped up last week, but the innovation and buzz from products seen on CES’s show floor is set to spur the next wave of technological innovation in the months to come. From Panasonic’s 4K 20-inch tablet to the Tobii REX sensor, allowing users to control their laptop using their eyes, to the…

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Huawei’s New Phone Is the Thinnest In The World… How Thin? Crazy Thin.

Our own David Song, head of GMIC 2012, is in Las Vegas for CES 2012.  He’s loving Sin City, but when he isn’t catching some rays by the pool, we’ve got him hunting down the latest happenings at CES from China this year.  He sent back word our friends over at Huawei officially unveiled their…

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Executive Exchange Trip to the US

In our continuing efforts to build a global platform for mobile internet industry leaders, the GWC team has organized a trip to the United States to bring Asian and US leaders together to exchange ideas and connect with each other. From January 5th – 16th, 2011, GWC will be taking a group of leading executives,…

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