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[Interview] InMobi CEO Talks Strategy, China, and GMIC2012 With MobiSights

Interview: Naveen Tewari, CEO of InMobi Naveen Tewari, CEO of InMobi, will be speaking at GMIC 2012 this year which has us excited.  I had the chance last week to ask Mr. Tewari some questions about himself, InMobi, and what he is expecting to see here in China.  If his responses here are a prelude,…

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CEO Interview: Dr. Li Song, CEO of

Dr. Li Song is an investment banker-turned serial Internet entrepreneur, and founder of, China’s largest online matchmaking service, as well as, one of China’s leading location-based social check-in services. The latter is aiming at the current check-in services craze  in China, offering a very intuitive graphical platform for social interaction between users in…

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Interview With NAVTEQ VP, Marc Naddel

Recently, it has become apparent that the success of a mobile platform depends heavily on creating a vibrant developer community to support it. One of the first international companies moving to build such a community in China is NAVTEQ. This week in Beijing & Shanghai, NAVTEQ held the first two of a series of events targeting Chinese developers who…

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