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G-Startup GMIC SV 2014

And The GMIC SV 2014 G-Startup Competition Winner Is…

GMIC SV 2014 is excited to announce STEMP as this year’s G-Startup competition winner. STEMP is an intelligent body thermometer offering continuous temperature monitoring through your mobile phone. Runners up were a global emergency response network called MUrgency who won second place, and a gaming industry email technology and service provider called Sending.IO who took…

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Grow Asia Track Details Why Companies Must Have A Special Focus On Asian Markets In Order To Succeed Internationally

This year’s Grow Asia Track explored in detail the opportunities and challenges of launching business operations and expanding in key regions in Asia. With veteran speakers from companies like: Airbnb, Silicon Dragon Ventures, MobVista, OpenTable, BDA China,, GGV Capital, Alibaba, QuPai, 500 Startups, Evernote, Olacabs, Vserv, Fortumo, Silicon Valley Bank, and Path, who have…

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G-Startup Track Tackles the Struggles and Triumphs of Successful Startups, Explores Mobile Health and Social Startups

One of the great highlights of GMIC SV every year is the G-Startup Competition. G-Startup is the global platform for innovative mobile Internet startups and the leading launch pad connecting them to the international investor community to grow and succeed globally. This year’s G-Startup Track featured speakers from YeahMobi, Fitstar, TaskRabbit, Y-Combinator, Keas, Locket, Hackers/Founders,…

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The Smarter Hardware Track Explored the Internet of Things and Hardware Investments

Jason Fass, CEO of Zedd Labs, said it best, “Hardware is hard…hardware is sexy!” The second half of the Smarter Hardware Track began by connecting all the things and exploring the future of the Internet of Things. Panelist included: Cyril Ebersweiler, Founder of HAXLR8R who organized the track; Zach Suppalla, CEO of Spark; Jonathan LeBlanc,…

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Thank You To Our Media And Network Partners

Days away from the official kick-off of what is sure to be the biggest GMIC Silicon Valley conference yet, GMIC SV 2014 would like to thank all of our amazing media and network partners for their support this year. GMIC believes in the power of mobile to fundamentally transform the ecosystem of our  economies, societies,…

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How to get ahead of the mobile crowd at GMIC SV 2014 – Shirley Pattison, Content Director at BlogsRelease

GMIC SV 2014 is bringing together the mobile ecosystem to Silicon Valley on December 1-3 in San Francisco, and is one of the few tech conferences that focuses on growing trends happening both inside and outside of the U.S. With over 200 speakers and more than 100 exhibitors, GMIC SV looks set to be a…

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Exciting New Speakers Just Announced For GMIC SV 2014!

At almost a month away from our third annual GMIC SV 2014, sensational new speakers are being added every day to make this year’s event the BIGGEST and GMIC SV conference yet. Get your Early Bird Gold Passes here! Join the discussion on how to Mobilize the Next 5 Billion mobile users alongside top mobile…

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Make Money on HTML5 Games by Alexander Krug of SOFTGAMES

Into game developing? Want to learn more on minimization through your App? Visit GMIC SV this December in San Francisco to hear SOFTGAMES, CEO & Founder Alexander Krug’s insights on HTML5. Alexander is a veteran in the space and gives us the insight and in-depth breakdown on how to earn revenue via HTML 5 game….

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Don’t Miss Robert Scoble and Dmitry Grishin Talk All Things Robotics

           Be there when Robert Scoble sits down for a Fireside Chat on the GMIC SV 2014 Thought Leader Stage with Dmitry Grishin, Founder of Grishin Robotics, as they discuss robotics and the many evolutions of the sector over the last few years. Register for your Early Bird Passes today! Robert…

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AppSpace – Experience The Next Wave Of Mobile Technology!

GMIC SV 2014 AppSpace Track is bringing together the latest and hottest content for mobile developers presented by top technical experts in the field. It is a device agnostic developer track highlighting ingenuity in app development. See it, hear it, and experience it – the next wave of mobile technology! Join the discussion alongside technical…

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