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Highlights of GMIC Beijing 2016

Highlights of GMIC Beijing 2016

by Beijing Youth Daily


On April 28, Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) Beijing 2016 themed with “Mobile Infinity” was kicked off in Beijing. As an influential industrial festival, its gorgeous showcase of black technologies alone dazzled the eyes of visitors. However, what is most anticipated at the conference is the speeches made by big shots from renowned Internet companies including Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba and Xiaomi: how do Internet companies go global? What is the next opportunity of Internet finance? How soon will volume production of automatic-driving vehicles come into true? If you have no time to listen to all of the speeches, you can enjoy the wonderful quotations of such big shots that we provide below, so as to learn about the latest news and innovative thinking on mobile Internet.


Zhang Yaqin, Baidu President: the present is the best opportunity for Chinese Internet companies to go global

The fact that AlphaGo beat Go master Lee Se-dol represents a great progress of the AI industry. In the future, AI is expected to be tied more closely with specific products and fully penetrate into people’s life, so as to make city smarter, life simpler and services more equal.

As we usher into the era of mobile Internet, the turning point of industrial transition has emerged, and now it is the best opportunity for Internet companies to go global. First, Chinese Internet companies have owned a host of brands. Second, the Internet represents a highly competitive industry in China and Chinese Internet companies face fierce competitions in the domestic market, and they know the rules of competition in the overseas market. Third, a company must have an open mind even after it gets bigger, this means that going global is not just to explore the market, but to attract talents and make investments.

Whether the dispute on mobile Internet portal has temporarily come to an end? As portals scatter, the portal competition has naturally evolved into ecological competition, especially, the competitions in terms of content, service and financial ecological environments become more and more important.



Ren Yuxiang, Tesla: the safety of automatic driving is twice that of manual driving

Tesla motor is different from traditional car. In terms of hardware, it is an electric car; in terms of software, it is a terminal of mobile Internet.

From the perspective of the Internet, Tesla motor is an Internet terminal equipped with four wheels. Tesla’s automatic driving involves automatic line tracking, automatic steering, automatic parking and automatic safe braking, etc., allowing users to easily enjoy music and sights outside the car and make a call, thereby ensuring safety of automatic driving to the greatest extent.

Through trials and errors, Tesla has proved that the automatic driving function can help reduce car accidents around the world. The safety of automatic driving is twice that of manual driving and can help cut car accidents by 50%. As a company with strong sense of mission, Tesla aims to promote global sustainable development of energy. It is impossible for Tesla to fulfill its mission beyond or do poorly in the Chinese market, the largest auto market in the world.



Cheng Wu, Tencent: AR and VR are giving an impact on the boundary between reality and virtuality

A great change of human-computer interaction interface occurs every 20 years, and it is a “revolution of connection” that enables networked individuals to achieve greater value. The third “revolution of connection” is just around the corner and everyone is enjoying the benefits of connection. Smart wearable devices, AR and VR are giving an impact on the boundary between reality and virtuality, and thus the human-computer interaction interface in a traditional sense is likely to disappear, and the change is in nature a revolution of connection.

In the practice of “connecting everything and enabling people” of Tencent, we have realized that “connecting is enabling”, “sharing is gaining” and “technology is public welfare”. As the basis of enabling people, connection gives birth to the “economy of innovators”. Sharing is the way of implementation of enabling people and can drive the rise of “shared ecology”, and the emerging shared economy is to create an environment in which the talent of people can be fully unleashed and value of things can be made the best use of.



Zhang Zhenghua, Baidu: Baidu wallet offers “personal financial stewardship” services

By upgrading consumption scenario, financial platform and ecological system, Baidu wallet has turned itself from a payment tool to a financial platform and can now provide its users with more convenient, personalized and safer financial services, while promoting more efficient and positive development of the industry.

According to Baidu’s financial report for Q1 of 2016, at the end of March 2016, the quantity of activated accounts of Baidu wallet reached 65 million, up 152% on a year-on-year basis. As the quantity of Baidu wallet users keeps rising, the trading account systems of 15 Baidu products have been connected to each other, and the quality of accounts with financial features continues to increase. Like a “router”, Baidu wallet connects consumption scenarios of major sectors including tourism, travel, shopping mall & supermarket and catering and opens up and stimulates the financial ecology of Baidu.

In addition, Baidu wallet has launched financial services including “” and “Baidu Wealth Management”, further strengthening its financial features and turning itself from a payment platform to a financial platform. By relying on the cutting-edge imaging and voice technologies and so on, Baidu wallet has enhanced its payment experience and realized such functions as “Payment by photo” and “HCE Cloud Quick Pass” and thereby providing its users with “personal financial stewardship” services.

2016 marks a year of consumer financial services, based on which consumption upgrading is predicted to become a keyword of the mobile payment sector. In the year, mobile payment is expected to become a driving force for promoting and upgrading consumption. Baidu wallet will also take a series of measures for upgrading and providing its users with one-stop financial stewardship services.



Meng Pu, Qualcomm: 5G is a uniform access platform of IoT

In the first 15 years, we were in the era of wired connection and the number of Internet terminals in the whole world did not exceed one billion. Over the past 15 years, we were in the era of mobile Internet, and so far nearly five billon terminals have been connected to the Internet.

Now, it is a time of revolution for the mobile Internet, which implies that the industry once again faces a new turning point of technical innovation. As for what is the new growth point for the next 10-15 years, he believes that the number of global Internet terminals is expected to reach 50 billion and even 100 billion, and Qualcomm will embrace the age of network interconnection together with its peers.

In terms of connectivity, it is far from enough for the current 4G network to meet the requirements for data size, and 5G will become an important node. This is because that 5G can not only make it possible to connect to the Internet at a super-high speed, but also can meet some special requirements of IoT. For example, 5G network meets the requirements for minimal time delay and high reliability of automatic driving.

In the future, 5G, as a uniform platform for Internet access, is expected to be of great significance to the overall development of the IoT in terms of basic transmission and wireless connection.



Cheng Wei, Didi: Besides pursuing scale expansion, Didi hopes to grow into a technology leader

Over the past three years, Didi has been committed to forging the largest Internet-based travel platform in the world. In the future, Didi aims to build itself into an Internet company that takes a lead in technology and big data.

Globally, the Internet-based tax hailing sector is likely to have development opportunities in the next one or two years, therefore, it is essential for Didi to speed up its international development. In such a circumstance, Didi has decided to cooperate with local enterprises to consolidate offline resources. Specifically, by establishing a global cooperation framework for shared traveling, Didi Express, Lyft, GrabTaxi and Ola will share their products with each other so as to provide international travelers in China, the USA, Southeast Asia and India with seamless traveling services, similar to “the Star Alliance of airlines”.

So far, Didi has achieved 1.4 billion orders, with a daily order quantity of about 11 million, even so, it has not yet solve the travel difficulties. In the future, Didi will focus on improving its technologies of AI, big data and cloud computing, etc.



Daniel Alegre, Google: the influence brought by mobile innovations

Nowadays, scientific & technological transformation is driven rapidly by the following three aspects: mobility, connection and machine learning. Daniel Alegre pointed out that, in the customer-focused era, we need to use “Micro moments” to understand how to satisfy the requirements of consumers, who are concerned about convenience rather than brand.

Then how can we succeed in the field of mobile Internet? 1. Put consumers at the central position; 2. Always focus on how to make technical breakthroughs; 3. Make investments in the fields where we can succeed; 4. We need to draw lessons from failure so as to make a success.

Now, we need to keep marching on as we are in an age that is full of vitality. ”



 Wang Feng, FIIL: I think that many people will choose FIIL

No matter in the field of Internet or technology, I am a late comer, actually only a boundary spanner. Personally, I was a singer and now I begin to engage in technology, and my products have also changed.

By what should I continue my music and aspiration in my career of music? the answer is FIIL earphone. The earphone that I pursue in the era of Internet is the earphone with craftsmanship spirit.

FIIL earphone is to transform itself into a high-end earphone, and one of its important goals is to be a choice for Chinese high-end earphone buyers. My years of music career make me feel that my fans are not true fans of FIIL, and only the “works” of FIIL is a genuine bridge that connects me and fans of FIIL.


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