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Hao Yi: Sci & Tech Is a Life Style and a Culture

Hao Yi: Sci & Tech Is a Life Style and a Culture

An exclusive interview hosted by Beijing Evening News








Right before the opening ceremony of GMIC 2016 Beijing starts, the reporter covering the column of “Sci-Tech Interconnection” of Beijing Evening News had an exclusive interview with Hao Yi. During the interview, he shared with us the most mysterious part in the corporate DNA of GWC. These mystical genes are deeply ingrained in the blood of every leader and staff at GWC and just like the roaring rock ‘n’ roll music they will last on and on.


The headquarter of Great Wall Club (GWC) in Beijing is located at a small patch of open office area on the 12th floor of Tower A, Beichen Century Center. It is in this slightly crowded space that about a hundred staff working with GWC have been fully committed to presenting the Global Mobile Internet Conference, or known as GMIC, in the form of a town hall meeting of worldwide influence. What are the driving forces that actually motivate these young entrepreneurs to pursue their common goals? “It’s simply a kind of spirit or enthusiasm” as Hao Yi, Co-CEO of GWC as well as leading singer of the music band CXO put it in a nutshell.


Q: Having been held throughout the world, GMIC is definitely the most remarkable business card GWC has ever presented. So in your point of view, how has GMIC been playing its part in making the world connected and changed for good?


A: For this year, we have nine sessions of GMIC to be scheduled all around the world. Each of these sessions should play a unique role in its own right. The local characteristics will be taken into account in order to differentiate these sessions from each other.


As an example, the session held in March in Tel Aviv attracted all the 1,500 top elites from Israeli internet industry. They represent a vast array of new hi-tech businesses and eagerly anticipated the foreign capital from and the markets of China and the rest of the world. The new hi-tech session held in Tokyo was focused on the latest developments of robotics in Japan while in Taipei the Internet of things was put in highlight to align with the industrial pattern in Taiwan.


For the next year, we plan to expand our list of venues by adding Dubai and Europe. Now we are looking at Berlin or Dublin as our candidate cities. We have laid out the plan for the “One Belt, One Road” in the Internet world and we are currently engaged in the implementation of this initiative. I can give you an example that Kazakhstan in Central Asia also approaches us with the hope of bringing GMIC to there. This presents an opportunity for us to get involved and do our bit. It is what the notion of connecting the world and making changes all about.


Q: If we split the development course of GWC into several stages, which stage do you believe GWC is at for now? What innovative approaches will GWC give a try for the future business model of GWC?


A: I had a conversation about this topic with Wen Chu before this, in which we all agree to split the development of GWC into three stages. Stage 1.0 is the primary step: we started by organizing a small study group and sending them on a trip abroad and then went further by hosting a small-scale meeting. So this is the initial stage. At stage 2.0 we began with snowballing the influence of GMIC hosted by GWC and relentlessly pushing the sphere of industry influence to a higher level. Stage 3.0 is where we are at the moment. This stage is a whole new area in that we added to the original business model of 2B with 2C, thus opening a door to another brand new dimension. In addition, we are promoting cross-over innovations to further globalization. These development efforts, namely the 3.0 or 3D evolution as a whole are an essentially multi-layered process.


The future GMIC X Carnival on 2C side will be first launched in the first-tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to provide the mass audience nationwide an opportunity to get a sense of GMIC X Carnival. Internationally, we are cooperating with Bollywood in India and will incorporate a music festival into the GMIC X Carnival in Israel the next year since the ambience of music is prevalent in that country. In the next step, we will look into the possible ways of cooperation.


Q: You’re a ‘part-time’ rock ‘n’ roll singer. In this year’s sci-tech carnival, GMIC will conduct cooperation with Modernsky at an unprecedented level. What are the fundamental changes do you think that the cross-over endeavor like this will bring to GMIC?


A: Modernsky is the largest music production company in China. Our win-win cooperation will be characterized by the blending of both sci-tech and culture. And of course music is an important cultural medium. Sci-tech used to be too sophisticated and high up in the ivory tower to be reached by average people. However, a good product or brand can develop into a lifestyle and even a cultural phenomenon. This is the highest realm and the ultimate status that sci-tech can and should be. How to make sci-tech an integral part of our everyday life? The answer is culture. Hence the name of Sci-tech Carnival, which is carefully selected to fit for purpose. Our cooperation with Modersky focuses on presenting the event in a way that it can be made relevant to the popular culture. We have rich experience in organizing large exhibits and trade fairs. By conducting a win-win cooperation, we are able to integrate all the necessary elements into something presentable that will bring the optimum experience to the mass audience.


Reporter: Liu Yang

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