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The First GMIC X Carnival

The First GMIC X Carnival 


On April 30, Beijing – You can go to a carnival not only during the Spring Festival but also during the May Day holiday as well. Want to have a novel May Day holiday? That can be arranged. During the holiday from April 30 through May 2, Presented jointly by Mobile Internet cooperative platform GWC and music company Modernsky, “Hello Tech”GMIC X carnival, which is the first science and technology carnival in China, was held at the National Stadium in the Olympic Park. During this period, visitors can get first-hand experiences of the coolest and most trendy sci-tech achievements. All exhibits will blend sci-tech with food, movies, music and sports, allowing visitors to get a sense of “sci-tech changing lives”.







At the “future-oriented”science and technology carnival, a lot of conceptual products combining sci-tech with life will be put on display, such as 3D technology, VR technology and robots. Many more practical technologies have reached every aspect of our daily lives. When seeing these new technologies with your own eyes, you will find such distinctive new technologies and even black technology dazzling. When you take part in the activities personally, you cannot help but marveling at the technologies.



Fascinating & Fun

Thanks to GMIC’s enormous popularity and the great variety of exhibits on display at GMIC X carnival, the site of the sci-tech was crowded, especially the VR Experience Zone, Bonus Street and children’s favorite Quadratic Element Space. Here, you get to experience the latest 3D movies, play the most interesting Alpha animation castle, enjoy free biscuits made with 3D printing technology. How can such a science and technology carnival that combines interaction, experiences and entertainment be not appealing?

Many would wonder what the carnival offers for them to play with. Simply put, here you can find anything that has to do with sci-tech.


Highlight 1: Children’s Amusement Paradise

What excites children most is the “quadratic element”domain that belongs to them exclusively. There is a 200m2 Lego castle and Lego paradise. Here you can see Lego 3D printing technology and Lego robot, as well as Alpha animation castle, which combines childlike innocence with sci-tech. These must be children’s favorites.


Highlight 2: Watching and Enjoying 3D and VR Technology

What is linked most closely to 3D is VR technology. The carnival will feature VR Peking Opera performances, a combination of traditional Chinese culture with sci-tech. Moreover, utilizing state-of-the-art VR technology, the carnival presents more thrilling interactive experiences: Participants can conquer Mount Everest at no risk, get a taste of F1, enjoy extreme cycling, and feel like flying in the Red Bull wind tunnel experience zone.


Highlight 3: Challenging the Angry Birds

At the carnival, there is a props exhibition of the “Angry Birds”. Unlike a conventional exhibition of props, at the exhibition visitors act as birds, design attack routes and take part personally. They destroy obstacles on the map by running, to retake precious eggs.


Highlight 4: “Robot Wars”

Robot technology is also a key part of the carnival. Now, you’ll finally get to watch the scenes of robot wars in movies. At the site, a unique “Robotic Invitational Match”will be held. The match is robots fighting, not cutthroat fighting. It sounds different.


Highlight 5: Bonus Street

It’s true. You can get extra advantages. There is a Bonus Street at the carnival. As top partner of 2016 Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC), Xiaomi set up a 200m2 display area. Combining display, experiences and sale, the company will showcase all products in its ecosystem. In the showroom, audiences can get a taste of Xiaomi’s latest products. Meanwhile, they can buy more than twenty best sellers that are usually hard to get by such as Xiaomi 5 VIP, Xiaomi IH electric cooker, and 9# Balance Car. It is a now-or-never chance. In addition, the carnival has received strong support from top-notch sponsors Xiaomi and Red Bull.


To put it bluntly, we are all lazy and home persons in our daily lives. Even if we know something about the development of sci-tech, what we know comes from the Internet, and we get virtually no chance to experience it personally. On the interactive platform built by the sponsor of 2016 GMIC, visitors will get to experience the sci-tech personally, and feel the huge changes brought about by sci-tech. Enriching the public’s cognition of sci-tech progress is precisely the practical significance of the carnival.

During previous May Day holidays, we either went to scenic spots packed with visitors, got caught in congested expressways, or rubbed our sleepy eyes at home. Our joy was concealed by fatigue. That is by no means our dream holidays. This year, it is different. There is a boisterous and cool carnival at the Olympic Park, to give you joy and get away from fatigue. So what are you waiting for. If you miss this chance, you’ll have to wait until next year.


[About GWC]

Established in 2008, Great Wall Club (GWC) is committed to become the most influential global platform for mobile innovation. GWC’s business includes: the“G-Network” that includes CEOs of over 700 mobile Internet companies; the“Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC)” that enjoys great popularity in nine countries and regions; GHome, a mobile Internet startup incubator with global vision; and the “Global Intelligent Robot Innovation Alliance (RobotX)” that leads the global robot industry.

Official website of GWC:

[About GMIC]

Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC): Initiated by the global mobile Internet innovation platform GWC, GMIC is one of the world’s largest and most influential mobile Internet event in the world. It takes place once a year, gathering thousands of most influential executives, innovators, developers and industry leaders of the mobile Internet industry to gain insight into the technical tendency of mobile Internet and make in-depth discussions on how mobile Internet positively changes the world. As the organizer GWC expands its global presence, GMIC 2016 will be successively held in Beijing, Silicon Valley, Bangalore, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Jakarta, Taipei, Tel Aviv and Seoul.

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