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GMIC 2016: GWC Did Indeed Bring Great Joy

GMIC 2016: GWC Did Indeed Bring Great Joy


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As a senior media professional who has attended GMIC (Global Mobile Internet Conference) for consecutive years, I didn’t expect this year’s GMIC to beat last year’s session no matter how popular it was.

I was so silly, really.








I only knew that at anime expos and China Joy you could see hot girls and CosPlay, you could see muscle guys at gyms and the shooting site of the movie “300”, and you could see stars at awards ceremonies. But I didn’t know you could see all these at GMIC.













































I merely knew that there were many hot girls acting as car models at each year’s auto shows, drawing a number of photographers. I didn’t know this year car models were canceled…

You see, sometimes the world is so amazing: although the match has not started yet, the result has already been made known.

GMIC VS. auto show, a suspense-free showdown.











Having said that, even if there is no auto show without car models serving as contrast, this year’s GMIC is still eye-catching.

First of all, as one of the most prestigious gatherings in the global mobile Internet industry, GMIC has growing influence in the industry. This can be seen from the long list of heavyweight guests at the leader summit as well as the chunky agenda of the meeting and forum.









Secondly, smartphone, smart TV, smart home, drones, smart cars, VR, AR, Internet finance, Internet movies, robots, artificial intelligence, venture capital investment, going to see, a wide variety of Internet brands and app booths. This year’s GMIC is all inclusive, covering almost all hot fields at present.


















It is not over yet. Wang Feng, a famous Chinese rock star, showed up at the GMIC at all.

Yet, he showed up not to sing, but to support his FiiL headphones.









You think it is over? You are “too young too simple”.

On the night of April 28, as a grand gathering for people from the sci-tech, movie and music circles, “Hello Future-GMIC X Annual Ceremony” was held at the National Stadium. As the first ceremony combining sci-tech with entertainment, the evening show spanned the sci-tech, music and movie industries. 18 awards with strong Internet spirit were granted.










Fan Bingbing, Chen Yanxi, Wu Yifan, William Chan, Wang Feng, Yu Quan, Ren Quan, Escape Plan, New Pants, EXID… Has the long list of stars dazzled your eyes?

What is worth mentioning is that nearly 10,000 domestic and overseas guests from the Internet, music, movie and medial industries witnessed the historic moment at the National Stadium. At the same time, hundreds of millions of viewers watched live broadcast of the annual ceremony of GMIC X, setting a new records of large industry ceremonies in China.

It is said that this is winner of two awards: the Most-watched Actress in Mainland China of 2016 and Public Figure in the Internet Era of 2016. Have you recognized her?











But, isn’t this an awards ceremony for entertainment stars? What about the sci-tech gathering?

This isn’t over yet. Maybe they didn’t want the stars to attract all the limelight: A CXO band formed by CEOs of a few technology firms made its debut at the annual ceremony of GMIC X.








I couldn’t help but marvel: As GMIC’s sponsor, GWC sure knows how to have fun.

Nonetheless, when I saw this sentence this morning, I seemed to come to realize something.








It turns out that GMIC is no longer a grand festival for people in the sci-tech industry; rather, it is for all now.

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