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GMIC 2016: A Bridge between the Present and the Future

GMIC 2016: A Bridge between the Present and the Future


Nowadays, mobile Internet is increasingly changing the economy, the society and entertainment, and the cutting-edge technologies and applications that are based on mobile Internet provide more individuals and enterprises with a platform for startups and innovation.


Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) 2016 was held in China National Convention Center on April 28. Themed with “Mobile Infinity”, the conference attracted thousands of mobile Internet elites from all over China to showcase their latest technologies related to the Internet. The conference provides you an excellent opportunity to taste the future.


Connecting the world with the Internet

“As the initiator of GMIC, GWC has defined its vision of connecting the world with the Internet since its inception in 2009. This year, CMIC will be held in nine countries and regions including Tel Aviv of Israel, Jakarta of Indonesia and Bangalore of India.”, said Hao Yi, the CEO of GWC, in an interview on April 27.


Founded in 2008, GWC is a global club of global mobile Internet CEOs and is committed to forging a globally-leading business platform for mobile Internet. GMIC, an annual mobile Internet event organized by GWC, has been held for seven times.

At present, the Internet not only connects the world, but also links various industries, and “Internet +” has become a symbol of innovation for all fields.


Hao Yi said that, over 50 summit forums will be held during GMIC Beijing 2016, covering robotics, intelligent hardware, VR/AR, music, design, mobile game, big data, mobile education, mobile healthcare, Internet finance, smart car and movie. During the conference, Internet elites from all over the world will discuss about the development plan of the sector, share their forward-looking ideas and showcase state-of-the-art products.


According to the latest Statistical Report on Development of the Internet in China released by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), as of December 2015, the number of China’s Internet users had reached 688 million, with an Internet penetration ratio of 50.3%. It indicates that half of the Chinese have gained access to the Internet, 90.0% of which connects to the Internet via mobilephone. Meanwhile, mobile Internet has shaped an all-new social form and lifestyle, the “Internet +” action plan is giving fresh impetus to corporate development, and the impact of the Internet on the overall society has entered a new stage.


Over the past year, the proportion of Internet access of enterprises kept rising, and the “Internet +” action plan gave fresh impetus to corporate development. As of December 2015, full-time community-level posts related to the Internet had been set up in 34% of enterprises, and full-time Internet-related teams had been set up in 24.4% of enterprises, and the decision makers had taken a lead in Internet-related planning development in 13% of enterprises.


The “GMIC X Carnival” allows the general public to taste the future sci-tech. The previous forward-looking ideas such as online tax hailing, online education, mobile healthcare and mobile payment are now closely linked with the life of common people; and the so-called state-of-the-art black technologies including automatic driving, VR, 3D printing and robotics are coming into reality.


“The ultimate goal of the Internet is to serve all the people.” Hao Yi said that GMIC Beijing 2016 is a gala for Internet celebrities, the mobile Internet and the general public. During the conference, an all-new science and technology carnival themed with “Hello Tech-GMIC X” will be held for the first time to provide the general public with state-of-the-art Internet technologies and applications.


Hao Yi said, “it is hard for the common people to experience such frontier technologies as artificial intelligence. The conference took place during the Labor Day holiday, so we decided to organize the conference in the form of “carnival”, which allows us to get closer to the general public through advanced technologies and applications of mobile Internet. Statistical data show that the steep rise of the number of Internet users and brisk market demands have promoted wider applications and greater development of the Internet. In 2015, 110 million Internet users received online education, 152 million Internet users used online medical services, 96.64 million people hailed taxies via the Internet, and the number of Internet users that hailed special cars via the Internet has reached 21.65 million. Thanks to its features of inclusiveness, convenience and sharing, the Internet has penetrated the field of public services, providing a strong support for accelerating the enhancement of public services and effectively promoting the improvement of people’s livelihood.


Setting up a platform for business startup and innovation

Human progress comes from continued innovation, and innovation requires public participation. Masters are always amongst the people. After the Chinese government put forward the idea of “popular entrepreneurship and innovation”, more and more people started their own businesses and made innovations, injecting fresh vitality into economic development and social progress. Under such a backdrop, the conference sets up a special stage for those small enterprises that cherish dreams of business startup and making innovation.


According to Hao Yi, “the previous GMICs set a high threshold that stops many innovative small enterprises. This year, ‘E Space’ was added to the conference, providing a platform for such SMEs to take part in the conference, showcase their creativity and dreams, communicate with investors, raise the possibility of success in business startup and make innovations.” He said that at the conference we will be on the basis of the big data of the whole network, introduce annual best platform for business startup support and best innovative product or services and so on so as to encourage business startup and innovation. Meanwhile, cross-boundary attempts will be made in terms of the Internet, sci-tech and entertainment.


“Previously, the Internet was more generally understood from the perspective of sci-tech, while remained poor in terms of culture and entertainment. This year, GWC, together with Modern Sky, the organizer of the Strawberry Music Festival, made an attempt on connecting the Internet and entertainment.”


He said that, the Internet is in fact an architecture with sci-tech at the bottom level. The thing that most people care about is what they can get from such an architecture, including entertainment experience. Through the Internet and sci-tech, we promise that everyone can feel good in entertainment and get more and better cultural experience.


Xinhua News Agency Reporter Qi Zhongxi

Source: Xinhua News Agency


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