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Gurpreet Singh Co-Founder & VP GWC

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‘Gurpreet Singh has a global mission to change lives through innovation. With his vision and passion, he has organized Global startup competitions both in China and the US. With his guidance, many of these startup companies have grown big, gone global, and become billion dollar companies. As a visionary and seasoned industry analyst, he has also facilitated the investment of billions into the Indian mobile internet industry. An accomplished entrepreneur, Gurpreet is a President at GWC Global Inc., where he has managed the production of GMIC events in the South/South East Asia territory for the last eight years. Prior to that, he served as the Global-Startup Producer for GMIC International, working alongside CEOs and governments from all over the world. Gurpreet holds a dual specialized post graduated MBA in finance and marketing from Symbiosis Business School, Mumbai, India. He has also studied economics and Chinese at Tsinghua University in Beijing,China.

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