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Eric Li, Vice President, Baidu.

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Eric Li is the Vice President of Baidu, Inc. and the General Manager of Baidu Mobile Service Group. Eric graduated from the Communication University of China with a Bachelor of Arts degree, and later received an MBA from the China Europe International Business School. Eric joined Baidu as an intern in 2004. He was the first product manager of Baidu PostBar, which was China\’s biggest and most popular online community at the time, and was the first product to usher in the Web 2.0 era in China. Eric also created the main design for Baidu Knows and Baidu Encyclopedia. As an intern at Baidu, Eric was promoted to Senior Product Marketing Manager when he was 22 years old, then to General Manager of the E-commerce Division in 2007, then to Senior Director of the Mobile Cloud Division in 2011, then to General Manager of Mobile & Cloud OS in 2012, and then to the Vice President of Baidu, Inc. in 2013. Eric’s varied experience in the technology industry also includes strategic planning, project management, user experience and overall operations. He currently plays an active role in Baidu\’s vertical search, as well as in online community management and business development.

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