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David Zhang Founding Managing Partner Matrix Partners China

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David Zhang co-founded Matrix Partners with the belief that being based in China is critical to successfully investing in young, entrepreneurial companies in the region. David is responsible for investments and operations, including investing in a number of leading companies, such as Bona Films (NASDAQ: BONA), 21ViaNet (NASDAQ: VNET), Edan Instruments (SZ: 300206), Cheetah (NYSE: CMCM), Career International, Umeng, Liebo, Momo (NASDAQ: MOMO), and others. David later joined WI Harper Group as Managing Director and head of the firm’s Beijing office and ABN AMRO Capital as Senior Venture Associate. He was then worked as analyst for Salomon Smith Barney, and later became a Research Associate for Department of Neurology of UCSF High Throughput Genotyping Project for muscular sclerosis.

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