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GMIC Tel-Aviv 2016 Know Your Speakers: Jon Medved, CEO, OurCrowd

Jon Medved

Jonathan Medved is a serial entrepreneur and according to the Washington Post (Dec 5, 2007) “one of Israel’s leading high tech venture capitalists”. In the September, 2008 NY Times Supplement “Israel at 60” Medved was named one of the “top 10 most influential Americans who have impacted Israel”. In May 22, 2015 Edition of the Jerusalem Post, Medved was named one of the “50 most influential Jews”. Medved currently is the founder and CEO of OurCrowd, the leading global equity crowdfunding platform for accredited investors and angels. Our Crowd is according to Forbes (August 13 2013) “one of the largest crowdfunding organizations on the planet” having raised over $160M for 80 portfolio companies since its launch in February 2013. We caught up with Jon to learn more about him and his work.

Catch Jon in a panel discussion with Uri Levine, Co-founder, FeeX; Aaron Tong, VP, TCL Capital; Alex Yao, SVP, Cheetah Mobile and Kobi Rozengarten, Managing Partner, JVP, moderated by Ori Bendori, General Partner, Carmel Ventures, at 10:00 AM to 10:45 AM, on the topic “Investment from China: Challenges and Opportunities”.

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Which industries are of greatest interest to you?

Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous driving vehicles, big data, everything personalized digital medicine, robotics, machine vision and cyber security.

Which publicly traded company do you think will be the first trillion dollar company and why?

First trillion dollar company will be a startup with a name no one knows about yet.

Please describe the best pitch you have ever heard.

When the founders of the future reacted well to our rejection of their original pitch and accepted our suggestion for comparison shopping for the startup that we eventually funded.

Which company is the most Inspiring company nowadays to you?


3 must-have apps on your phone?

Whatsapp, Waze and email

Which are your favorite books?

The Source, Predictably Irrational, The Prime Ministers, Catch the Jew, Saturn Run.

What do you like the most about your job?

That I get to invest in so many companies.

What don’t you like about your job?

That I can’t invest in more companies.

Which are you favorite blogs?

Fred Wilson’s and Brad Feld’s

Which are your favorite podcasts?

Stratechery by Ben Thompson and Andreessen Horowitz’s A16Z.

Your favorite productivity tool?

My longtime assistant Liora.

Who is you favorite superhero?

Shimon Peres.  He’s busy proving that 90 is the new 60.

What are the things you are looking for in people you are hiring?

Passion, intelligence and a sense of humor.

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