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Why Apply to G-Startup Worldwide?

  • Promote Your Startup: Accepted applicants will receive the opportunity to pitch your startup on stage at GMIC, which will draw over 100,000 attendees across 9 global events in 2016  
  • Raise Money: With $1 million of investment up for grabs and many VC’s and angel investors in the audience, your series A has never been closer. Just ask our Alumni who have raised billions!  
  • Get Advice: Our judges and mentor network are global, top tier investors, who will provide candid feedback to you on your pitch and help you define the next steps of your startup  
  • Build Your Global Network: Our G-Network will get you access to the 700 senior mobile leaders in our private, invitation only private community that spans the globe and will help you grow globally  
  • Get Famous: Over 500 journalists attend our events annually from publications like Forbes, Techcrunch, China Daily, NDTV etc.  
  • Acquire Early Adopters: Demo your startup on the GMIC exhibition floor to hundreds of attendees to get feedback and acquire early adopters


Any eligible startup from around the world may apply.

The deadline to apply for G-Startup Tel Aviv is February 20. Apply now!





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