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Taking Down Uber and Ctrip: AA Car and TripAdvisor at the GMIC Beijing 2015 Smart Travel Panel

In the first panel of the Though Leader stage on Day 2 of GMIC Beijing 2015, Gracy Ge, Anchor and Editor at led a discussion with William Wang (CEO of AA Car) and Joost Schreve (VP Mobile of TripAdvisor) on how mobile devices impact our travelling lives and the expansion of travel services abroad.

Both speakers were agreed on how vastly the mobile internet decade has changed the way we travel, simplifying it while allowing us to “do more things and be more bold”.

The security of data collected from AA Cars and TripAdvisor were also questioned. Mr. Schreve and Mr. Wang emphasised the importance of data security, and were firm about the fact that their respective companies places the issue at the top of their priorities. Mr. Wang added that AA Cars utilises a top-class monitoring system that manages all their drivers and cars to ensure maximum safety for their consumers.

When asked how he felt about the recent merger of two big taxi providers in China (Didi and Kuaidi), William Wang replied that, first, he looks at Uber. He then posed two tricky questions for Joost Schreve – how TripAdvisor intends to take on similar providers in China such as Ctrip, and what advise the latter had for him on taking down Uber in America.

Mr. Schreve’s answer to these two questions were broadly along the same theme – understanding the local market: “find commonalities, how you can be different, how you can leverage the scale you have in your home country but lay on top of that customisation which caters to local consumers”. Good advise for any company looking to expand abroad.

Author: Jasmine Lynn

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