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G-Startup Track Tackles the Struggles and Triumphs of Successful Startups, Explores Mobile Health and Social Startups

One of the great highlights of GMIC SV every year is the G-Startup Competition. G-Startup is the global platform for innovative mobile Internet startups and the leading launch pad connecting them to the international investor community to grow and succeed globally.

This year’s G-Startup Track featured speakers from YeahMobi, Fitstar, TaskRabbit, Y-Combinator, Keas, Locket, Hackers/Founders, Physicians Interactive, Watsi, Immunity Project, Burson-Marsteller, B2 Group, Sproutling, Google Ventures, Skyfire, Bash Gaming, Noora Health, and Signia Venture Partners. The full-day track covered mobile health, triumphs and failures of successful startups, innovative startups for social good, and the importance of public relations.

One of the most thought provoking sessions of this track was the panel on the struggles and triumphs of successful startups. It was a panel that not only kicked off the G-Startup Track, but also taught the many entrepreneurs in the room how important failures are, how dangerous plateaus are for startups, and how humility, harmonious teams, and intellectual respect can all lead to success. Locket CEO, Yunha Kim, perhaps summarized the journey of an entrepreneur best: “there is success and there is failure, but the hardest part is the in-between”.

The G-Startup Track also hosted a Mobile Health and Social Startup panel with some of the most up and coming non-profit and health and wellness companies in the industry like Fitstar, Immunity Project, Watsi, and Keas, to name a few. These sessions explored the growing trend of health and wellness apps and wearable, as well as, the impact social startups are having around the world.

Aside from these great sessions, attendees were also able to enjoy a Fireside Chat with Founder and CEO of TaskRabbit, Leah Busque. She explained to the crowd her journey as an entrepreneur and how TaskRabbit was formed back in 2009. Alongside panel moderator Leena Rao, a Content Partner at Google Ventures, Leah shared with attendees that at one point, TaskRabbit was called “Run My Errand”, but that like most quick decisions people make, she regretted choosing the name almost right away. As Leena continued her chat with Leah, Leah also told the entrepreneurs in the room that “all entrepreneurs have to have some insanity to keep moving forward,” but that it was this insanity that led her to continue pivoting and reach the success TaskRabbit has today.

To end the exciting day, attendees visited the Expo Floor to check out this year’s Top 11 semi-finalists for the G-Startup Competition. The crowd witnessed amazing pitches from all 11, but only 3 finalists remained at the end of the day: STEMP,, and MUrgency. These finalists will hit the Thought Leader Stage tomorrow to compete for the top prize and become this year’s G-Startup Winner.

GMIC SV 2014 is not over yet. Follow Us on Twitter at @TheGMIC and look out for the hashtag #GMICSV2014 for full coverage of Day 3.


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