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GMIC SV and App Annie Infographic ‘Mobilizing the Next 5 Billion’ Reveals the Hottest Mobile App Markets Globally


When we sat down with the folks at App Annie to discuss our partnership for GMIC SV 2014, it was easy to convey the theme ‘Mobilizing the Next 5 Billion’. App Annie’s data was pointing to a significant shift in the global app economy, with many emerging countries poised to play a significant role. Through this exclusive partnership, we could leverage App Annie’s data and research to reiterate our theme for GMIC SV.

The infographic is based on quarterly country wise iOS and Google Play indexed app download and revenue data. Japan, South Korea and United States continue to be ‘App Store Superpowers’, with a collective 1.1x download growth and 1.7x revenue growth. They are the three largest markets by revenue in Q3, 2014. The ‘BRIC’ markets – Brazil, Russia, India and China saw 1.3x download growth and 2.2x revenue growth.

Brazil experienced the highest growth in percentage download share, among the BRIC countries, followed by Russia, India and China. App Annie’s Q3 2014 Market Index saw China break into the top 3 by iOS revenue and many more developing countries leap in downloads. BRIC countries finished Q3 2014 near neck-and-neck with ‘app store powerpowers’ in downloads, laying the foundation for strong revenue growth from their massive smartphone user bases.

Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey and Vietnam collectively saw a 1.6x download growth and 1.5x revenue growth. These four ‘Markets to Watch’ are the top growth markets by percentage share of downloads from Q3 2013 to Q3 2014. With the continued roll-out of 4G networks and growing smartphone penetration, these countries are setting the stage for massive growth in the future.

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