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How to get ahead of the mobile crowd at GMIC SV 2014 – Shirley Pattison, Content Director at BlogsRelease

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GMIC SV 2014 is bringing together the mobile ecosystem to Silicon Valley on December 1-3 in San Francisco, and is one of the few tech conferences that focuses on growing trends happening both inside and outside of the U.S.

With over 200 speakers and more than 100 exhibitors, GMIC SV looks set to be a great event for all those interested in mobile, apps, gaming, the internet of things and smart hardware. With this in mind, there are hundred’s of companies looking for exposure in this industry, but the big question is, what is the best way to stand out from the rest? *Read to the end for a BlogsRelease special offer!*

Here are some great ways to get you started:

Attend events such as GMIC SV
This is a no brainer, by being there you are already a step ahead. Attending events and conferences in your industry lets you meet and greet the influencers in the market. You can learn, make connections and showcase your product to many people also fascinated by the technology you have created.

Engage with bloggers at GMIC SV
As well as other professionals in the mobile industry, there are many tech bloggers that attend events such as GMIC SV. They come to learn about the latest developments and products they can blog about to their thousands of followers worldwide. Remember not to overlook them at these events; they are important facilitators in getting your product exposed to audiences wider than your regular crowd.

Be ahead of the game with BlogsRelease Special Offer
Before showcasing your technology at GMIC SV, start building a buzz around your product. Inspiring bloggers to write about you before the conference can give you the advantage of being noticed during the event.

Register today for GMIC SV 2014 at

As proud media partners of GMIC SV, BlogsRelease is offering all GMIC SV participants the chance to share a free press release to thousands of bloggers worldwide. For more details, click here.

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