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The Future is Smarter Hardware and Automation


Something big is happening in hardware. From wearables – to 3D printing – to robotics, hardware is becoming smarter and smarter. Companies like GoPro, Nest and Jawbone have all gained huge success, but many investors are still reluctant to get more involved with hardware for fear that it is not yet a proven market.

As the Founder of HAXLR8R, the first startup accelerator building lean hardware, Cyril Ebersweiler is recognized as the most active VC on Kickstarter. He’s an entrepreneur and early stage investor, who has over a decade of experience in China and Japan, and has founded the first mentorship-driven seed funding program in China called Chinaccelerator.

We chatted with Cyril, to talk more about the hottest trends in hardware, the future of HAXLR8R, and why you should not miss the Smarter Hardware Track HAXLR8R is helping organize at GMIC SV 2014.

First, we asked Cyril what the hottest trends in hardware are. Cyril believes the future of the market lies in two big trends: smarter hardware such as wearables, and automation in the form of robotics and 3D printing. With more sensors and smartphones to boost connectivity to the internet, mobile and cloud, smarter hardware is great in connecting these devices making our lives easier. Hardware creates new opportunities for services and products – from activity tracking to automation and even robot-as-a-service. “We want to help challenge the traditional way of spending big money on robotics and create prototypes a lot cheaper, easier and faster” Cyril says. Can’t wait to hear more from him at the Smarter Hardware Track!

Second, we asked what his big plans are for the next year. Cyril told us that in the past few weeks, Duncan Turner was named as new Director of the program and they have lots of new plans for HAXLR8R’s future. You could definitely hear the excitement in his voice. The accelerator will be expanding its Shenzhen office in the next 6 months. This office expansion will help accommodate more startups on site, and grow the program from 50 startups to 80 in the upcoming year. A new office in San Francisco next year is also on the roadmap for 2015. Furthermore, his team is working to produce more educational content which includes working directly with universities and helping startups to monetize their startups. Lastly, Cyril shared with us that HAXLR8R aims to produce more successful startups and sell even more lean hardware products in the near future.

Why should you attend the Smarter Hardware Track at GMIC SV 2014? Cyril couldn’t have said it better. As track moderators and successful Kickstarter crowdfunders, HAXLR8R wants to help attendees to successfully get crowdfunding that will help creators, backers, media and investors a like. Cyril and HAXLR8R General Partner, Benjamin Joffe, will also be talking in depth about lean hardware, with a focus on the future of the sector in terms of investment. But the track would not be complete without connecting all things hardware and discussing one of the hottest topics in mobile at the moment, the Internet of Things. This is definitely a track that cannot be missed!  Note to all attendees, HAXLR8R has already helped 3 startups successfully secure more than $1 million each in funding this year. Incredible achievements in crowdfunding!

Join GMIC SV 2014 and HAXLR8R at the Smarter Hardware Track taking place Monday December 1, 2014. This year’s track will discuss topics like: Internet of Things, Crowdfunding, and Investing in Hardware.

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