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Look What a Free GMIC SV 2014 Expo Pass Gets You


“There’s no such thing as a free lunch,” they say. But we at GMIC are offering Expo pass holders access to a lot of things, for FREE! GMIC SV 2014 Expo Pass which is currently Free, gives you access to:

  • Expo Floor featuring the world’s leading companies in the mobile, wireless, wearable and connected technology industries

  • Free education in the Developer Breakouts including DevToolBox and AppSpace .

The AppSpace track brings the latest and hottest content for mobile developers presented by technical experts in their field. It is a device agnostic developer track highlighting ingenuity in app development. AppSpace sessions will cover the leading platforms (iOS, Android, emerging platforms) for mobile developers to learn, build industry connections, and communicate directly with other developers in the industry.

DevToolBox enables you to build better apps faster, improve user acquisition, track progress with analytics, and ultimately make more money through new monetization methods

  • Check out to the latest innovations and products before they hit the market

  • GMIC Connect Lounge, Happy Hour, great giveaways, the G-Startup competition presentations.

The G-Startup competition is the global platform for innovative mobile Internet startups and the leading launch pad connecting them to the international investor community to grow and succeed globally.

Happy Hour: Take a break with refreshments on us! Mingle and network at GMIC SV happy hour on Tuesday from 5PM to 6PM on the Expo floor.

GMIC Connect Lounge: Rest your feet, charge your mobile device and check your email. Connect Lounge is the spot to get you recharged and get back into action.

Register here for a free Expo pass today!

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