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Coursera, Shmoop, Udacity, Xueda, Udemy: Catch the Most Influential Names in Mobile Education at GMIC SV 2014

Mobile has the potential to transform conventional education and learning in the classroom, and in recent years, many innovative companies have begun tapping into the reach and power of mobile education.

Mobile education has always been one of the focus areas for us at GMIC. This year, we are excited to bring together some of the most influential companies in the mobile education space on Dec. 2 as part of the M-Education track at GMIC SV 2014.


The M-Education track will feature keynotes and panel discussions from leading educators, entrepreneurs, and developers. Attendees will learn how to develop effective, innovative, and game-changing mobile applications to empower teaching and learning experiences for mobile users worldwide.

Not to miss sessions of the M-Education track:

  • Coursera’s Chief Product Officer John Ciancutti on ‘Globalization of Massive Open Online Courses Services’

  • Shmoop’s Founder David Siminoff on ‘Future Education System and Investment’

  • Udacity’s VP Product Management Brent Tworetzky on ‘Lifelong Learning: 10 Minutes a Day Anytime, Anywhere’

  • Xueda Education Group’s CEO Xin Jin on ‘Restructuring the Traditional Education Model with the Power of Mobile Internet’

  • Udemy’s CEO Dennis Yang on ‘Educational Service Promotion and Mobile Marketing Solutions’

Click here to view the complete M-Education track agenda. Register today for GMIC SV 2014.

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