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Make Money on HTML5 Games by Alexander Krug of SOFTGAMES

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Into game developing? Want to learn more on minimization through your App? Visit GMIC SV this December in San Francisco to hear SOFTGAMES, CEO & Founder Alexander Krug’s insights on HTML5. Alexander is a veteran in the space and gives us the insight and in-depth breakdown on how to earn revenue via HTML 5 game.  Read this post – Go HTML5 or Die: How to make up to 30.000 USD from a HTML5 game! – to learn how game developers can benefit from the HTML5 games market compared to the native AppStore business.

Don’t miss out on Alexander Krug’s session on Wednesday December 3, 2014! Register now to get the full insight.

SOFTGAMES is operating the world’s largest HTML5 games platform with 250+ games connected and millions of monthly unique users. SOFTGAMES helps its partners (apps, portals, carriers) to easily and effectively monetize and engage their users with free mobile HTML5 games. For HTML5 game developers SOFTGAMES offers sponsorships and global distribution at scale through own portals and an extensive partner network.


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