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8 Things About Hardware Crowdfunding GMIC SV 2014 Track Partner HAXLR8R has Learned From 20 Campaigns

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Sensors and smartphones connected to the cloud are creating new opportunities for services and products. The Smarter Hardware track at GMIC SV 2014 will look into the latest innovations, new and growing trends, and investment opportunities available on a global scale. By 2020, it is estimated that The Internet of Things will add $1.9 trillion dollars of economic value.

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GMIC SV 2014 Smarter Hardware partner, HAXLR8R, have run 20 successful campaigns in the last years, making them the most prolific investor in crowd-funded hardware projects. From experience and observation on crowd-funding, they have identified 8 ideas that could help creators, backers, media and investors.

  • The better Mousetrap Myth

  • Campaigns are not created equal

  • Campaigns don’t run themselves

  • It might not ship

  • Creators make money

  • Projects are not all original

  • Funded does not mean startup

  • A failed funding is not the end

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