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FireChat by GMIC SV 2013 G-Startup winner, Open Garden, is embraced by Hong Kong protesters. Are you next in disrupting mobile communication?


GMIC SV 2013 G-Startup competition winner, Open Garden, announced yesterday that FireChat, its mobile chat app that can work without an Internet connection, saw more than 100,000 signups following China’s blocking of Instagram which pro-democracy protesters had been relying on for communication.

The G-Startup Competition is the global platform for innovative mobile Internet startups and the leading launch pad connecting them to the international investor community to grow and succeed globally. This year, G-Startup is seeking entries from startups driving early innovation in the digital home, health, personal fitness, games, and hardware sectors.

Since winning GMIC SV 2013 G-Startup competition, Open Garden is disrupting mobile communication around the world. Do you have what it takes to be the next G-Startup winner? Apply to GMIC SV 2014 G-Startup Competition by October 8 and find out!

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