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GMIC Tokyo 2014 Session Highlights

GWC’s inaugural GMIC in Japan, GMIC Tokyo was organized on July 11, 2014 at Hikarie Hall in Tokyo. Below are highlights from GMIC Tokyo 2014:

GMIC Tokyo collage

Sheng Fu, CEO of Cheetah Mobile talked about how low labor cost, unique growth opportunities and freemium model are the three advantages that Chinese companies have, based on which the Chinese market has seen rapid development in the age of mobile internet.

Line’s COO, Takeshi Idezawa delivered the keynote speech in which he shared that Line could succeed in Japan as Line created the second generation of instant communication tools, compared with the first generation of instant communication that was mainly on PC platform, the second generation products use smartphones.

Wang Bo, VP, Tencent Games analyzed the current situation and trends about the Chinese games market and shared the future strategy of Tencent Games. The unique nature of the Chinese market compels the foreign companies find the local companies as partners when they enter the Chinese market.

Hiroaki Kitano, SVP of SoftBank Mobile talked about Softbank’s development of emotional robots which use cloud computing technology. These robots can learn constantly and adapt according to the situation. The robot will be sold to customers next year.

Ken Edahiro, General Manager, King Japan shared that if the global products want to become popular in Japan, they need to be localize to the culture and language. The influence of TV and TV penetration are high in Japan and advertisements on TV by gaming companies is increasing. King Japan make advertisements for TV which star icons who are popular among Japanese women, the numbers of female customers is larger than that of male customers of Candy Crush.

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