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Vaughan Smith at GMIC Beijing Fireside Chat: Can Facebook Connect the World?

Day 2 of GMIC Beijing 2014 saw the Vice President of Facebook, Vaughan Smith in a fireside chat with the CMO of GWC, Barrett Parkman. Vaughan Smith started by bringing the audience up to speed on the current stage of Facebook in their mission to connect the world.

“Despite the fact that 90% of the world has access to cellular coverage, only 1/3 rd of that population uses the internet. So the issue here is not about technology of the networks, but the perception of the 2/3 rd of people in the world towards embracing technology. Our plan is to work closely with the industry and educating about the benefits of using Facebook, and overcome the barriers of the lack of awareness of the value of the internet and the high cost,” Vaughan shared. “We are also looking at applications that use less data and incur less cost, to motivate more users to use Facebook.”

GWC CMO Barrett Parkman inquired about the short and mid-term goals that Facebook is planning to achieve. “We want to demonstrate conclusively to companies and carriers, the monetary benefits of by offering basic services for free on Facebook. We are also introducing drones, to improve the coverage to people without internet access,” answered Vaughan.

Vaughan then spoke about Facebook’s plans to penetrate the Chinese market. “We have a rapidly growing business in China and thousands of developers are using Facebook to grow their business rapidly internationally. We’re proud to say that Facebook is responsible for over a billion app installs, so definitely, one of the best ways to grow globally is of course to through Facebook.”

Author – Zahed Ahmad

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