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Naveen Tewari, CEO, InMobi at GMIC Beijing 2014: How to Kill Banners

Naveen Tewari, CEO of mobile advertising platform InMobi told the audience at the main stage of the GMIC 2014 Beijing that the era of banner ads is over.

“We do not like banners.” Tewari said. “We literally hate banners. Consumers don’t like them, creators don’t like them, nobody likes them.”

But when solving the problem of how to circumnavigate the ubiquitous banner ad, Tewari said he ran into a problem: “The problem with making ads beautiful is that it’s not scalable. It works just for small scenarios. If we want to solve the problem of making ads beautiful, we need a scalable level.”

Addressing this issue, Tewari said InMobi developed a way to put the user at the core of the ad experience. He unveiled screenshots of cleverly disguised ads in games and news that were not banners, but were instead part of the app and interactive with the user.
“We have launched what we believe is the future of advertising,” Tewari said. “Ads are merged with content and the results are higher than anything that preceded it.”

According to Tewari, this revamped advertising platform has affected results up to 10 times better than traditional banner ads, as users are drawn into the ad and more likely to interact with it. The new technology is disruptive to the mobile advertising industry according to Tewari. “This is the future of the industry,” Tewari said. “It’s where it’s headed and it’s what is needed.”

Author: Nick Compton

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