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Keynote at GMIC Beijing 2014 by Derek Shen, President, Linkedin China

Linkedin launched a China specific site and service early this year. Derek Shen who previously served as CEO of Nuomi, was appointed the President of the professional networking site in China, bringing his wealth of experience to spearhead Linkedin’s growth into China’s massive market.

“Linkedin is a professional networking site, connecting people from all over the world. Every 3 seconds, we have members from over 200 countries joining our website. We are also proud to announce the integration of Chinese as the 22nd language in Linkedin, and all in all, I feel honored to work in a company like this, alongside Jeff Weiner,” said Derek.

Mr Shen went on to describe the value proposition for Linkedin members. Linkedin provides high value pertaining to one’s identity, market insights and opportunities. Members will be able to showcase a professional status on the website and on top of that, the site also serves as a platform for knowledge sharing.

“Another important offering is of course, more business opportunities for members in regard to networking. As compared to the past when users would look for jobs, Linkedin on the other hand, lets the job find you, so to speak.”

Derek Shen also points out the value proposition for enterprises that are planning to jump on into Linkedin, citing its ability to be a platform for Chinese professionals. They have signed joint venture deals with CBC and Sequoia Capital, launched a simplified version of Linkedin in Chinese this year and announced that Linkedin also integrates with WeChat, which is the big market player here in China. Linkedin China is all set to launch a series of marketing activities such as gathering thoughts of famous leaders and events.

Author – Zahed Ahmad

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