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The Next Decade: The Age of the Mobile Internet – Xiao Hong, CEO, Perfect World

The pace of the internet has been moving at a breakneck speed and with the explosion of mobile over the last 4 years. CEO of Perfect World Xiao Hong shared his company’s vision on how mobile internet will likely to appear over the next decade. Xiao Hong spoke of his recent visit to a college, where he asked a group of 400 students how many among them played a particular game and only raised their hands. He thought this was interesting and feels there is a lot of scope for growth.

Xiao Hong brought up the topic of wearable devices  and noted that wearable devices promise great market potentials. Xiao Hong also shared some observations about certain behavioural aspects of mobile users. ” The mobile user behaviours are not identical. Some use their moble device to make calls, some are used for social interaction while others use it mainly for gaming and webpage browsing. This presents a great diversity in consumer behaviour.”

Xiao Hong expects that by the end of 2014, the layout of the 4G network in medium & big cities will expand and apps with high bandwidth will have explosive growth and cited a few big changes in the next decade. Firstly, multi platform presentation will be a norm and mobile internet entertainment will stretch across the PC, mobile, table, TV and wearable devices. There will also be deep integration along all forms of entertainment,and the mobile internet will initiate a breathtaking technological revolution. Changes in the wearable devices and automobile internet industries among others will be the most exciting.

Perfect World has also developed their global game publishing platform, called ARC, which will be available for computer games and TV. Their other core goal is also to invest in special projects in the entertainment and technological fields, supporting SMEs and have them benefit from Perfect World’s wealth of experience.

Author: Zahed Ahmad

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