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GMIC Expands to Two New Locations – Tokyo and New Delhi

Beginning with GMIC Beijing 2009, GWC has organized seven mobile conferences and expos, with the sixth GMIC Beijing taking place in ten days. Now, we are adding two locations that are not only key markets, but also mobile innovation hubs – Japan and India.

GMIC Tokyo: July 11, 2014


Japan is the world’s biggest app market and Tokyo is home to leading telecom, mobile, gaming, hardware and investment companies, while also being a leading global technology hub.

GMIC Tokyo will bring together some of the biggest names in the Japanese mobile industry along with high-profile attendees from China and around the world. GMIC Tokyo 2014 will explore the theme ‘Mobilizing The Next 5 Billion’.

Click here to register to attend GMIC Tokyo with the early bird discount pricing.

GMIC New Delhi: September 26-27, 2014


India is the fastest growing smartphone market in the world and New Delhi houses the headquarters of leading mobile, internet, telecom, e-commerce and entertainment companies apart from being a hub for innovative startups.

GMIC New Delhi will look at the role of partnerships in the mobile industry with the theme “Rise of Mobile Collaboration.”

Recommend a speaker for GMIC New Delhi here.

Click here to register to attend GMIC New Delhi with the early bird discount pricing.

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