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Meet the 10 Startups Presenting at G-Startup Competition GMIC Beijing

The G-Startup Competition searches for startups that embody innovation, have the potential for globalization, and are ready to compete on a global platform. Nearly all previous G-Startup Beijing winners have gone on to raise funding within 12 months of winning, including Visualead which raised $1.7 million last year.

178 startups applied for this year’s G-Startup competition and we’re proud to announce the 10 shortlisted startups who will be joining us from 9 countries:

Puteko Japan:Print, color and see your drawing in beautifully hand-animated 3D worlds with Puteko’s Colar mix app

Kaado, China/Canada: Kaado is the First Mobile App in China that enables users to Send/Receive & Redeem Free (Sponsored) & Paid Gift Cards of various brands by using smart phones. It’s a beautiful App and it’s Fun to use, we have also made it social. Through Kaado you can remember friends’ Birthdays and important occasions, check their favourites and send them the most suitable gift cards at anytime from anywhere! It’s a great tool to show your care and love.

Come Run With Me, Denmark: Small indie company of two developers with a mission to empower children.

Splitforce, USA: Splitforce is a robust, user-friendly and simple web application to A/B test native mobile apps. Using our technology, non-technical marketing and product managers can split their user base into groups, show each group a different version of their app, and track how each version is influencing user behavior.

Monster Castle, China: The team has been devoted to smartphone game development and distribution on platforms including Android, Windows Phone 8, iOS and Bada since 2009.

Viscovery, Taiwan/Singapore: Viscovery is a visual search company providing C2C and B2B E-/M-commerce solutions.

Zhitu, China: Zhitu team consists of a group of innovative young people, who have come together under the same goal to create an innovative and interesting photo app. The team refuses to be mediocre and hopes to help the users gain a better experience when sharing photos.

SMaas (Arrow Nock), China/Taiwan: This is a combination of 2 intelligent companies cross-strait: Arrownock Beijing and Herxun Taipei.

Braci, Finland: Braci is a platform for notifications of sounds in the environment. The algorithm detects sounds such as fire alarms, baby crying, doorbells and more. It then sends a vibrating alert to your smart device as well as a picture of the event to alert you. This is especially useful for the hard of hearing and deaf. There are nearly 360 million people with disabling hearing loss in the world. We aim to provide an alternative option to sound detection rather than infrastructure imbedded and expensive ones offered today. Their revenue streams include the application, and accessories including a vibrating pillow, super microphone for better sound detection at home, and we are developing more.

Kairos Watches, South Korea: Kairos Watches is the world’s first mechanical smart watch hybrid

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