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Catch the Next Wave of Asian Mobile Gaming at GMIC Beijing Global Game Summit

According to the latest gaming industry investment review by investment advisory firm Digi-Capital, mobile and online games revenue could grow to ~$60B at an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.6% from 2011 to 2017. Mobile and online games are expected to take 60% of the total games software market share and grow the total games software market to ~$100B revenue, mostly driven by the Chinese, Japanese and Korean markets.

13 out of 15 IPOs in gaming in 2011-2013 were by Chinese, Japanese or South Korean companies. These East Asian domestic markets have produced high volume, low ‘Average Revenue per User’, cost efficient games businesses with up to 50%+ operating margins, enabling significant investment in foreign markets. China, Japan, and Korea are featured markets this year for GMIC GGS track. GGS will be attended by game developers, gaming companies and startups from China, Korea, Japan and other Asian countries. The two-day conference will feature various sessions hosting gaming CEOs, producers, UI/UX designers, and User Acquisition managers sharing their expertise and experience.


If you’re looking to launch or expand into Asia in 2014, this is your opportunity!

Why attend GGS:

1. Network with attendees and speakers from 200 of China’s top grossing games including Tencent, Chukong, Perfect World and 50 international developers

2. Learn from the 3000+ mobile game developers in attendance, understand what’s going on at ground zero in China, Japan, and Korea

3. Partner with or invest in 200+ new products including numerous MMO, SLG and casual games who are aiming to expand overseas

GGS features CEO Summit, exhibitors, GGS Awards, developers conference and distribution conference.

Register here to attend GGS at GMIC to be part of the mobile gaming growth story unfolding in Asia.

Report source and Images: Digi-Capital

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