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GMIC Trendings #10 – Mobile Headlines and News from Around the World

Mobile Headlines and News from Around the World


PocketGamer: Think you’ve got a handle on China? Get ready for everything to change

“[Mobile app] discovery and distribution is also being disrupted. The mid to small marketplaces are consolidating, plus new big players are coming into mobile gaming. All of them have mobile DAU that is over 10-20 million. Total install base in the hundreds of millions. These guys are behemoths.”

Techcrunch: IPO Does Not Crush It: Shares Open At $20.50, Down Nearly 9%, Close At $19

“[Zygna’s IPO] had a cooling effect on other companies in the space who might have otherwise entertained similar routes. Supercell, one of the standouts in mobile gaming in the last year, notably took a very large investment from Softbank last year, 51% at a $1.53 billion price.”

TechCrunch: Telegram Hits 35M Monthly Users, 15M Daily With 8B Messages Received Over 30 Days

“With 14,900 percent increase in daily actives over the course of just about five months, Telegram looks like it might be giving the legacy players on the market an impressive run for their money as a worthy successor to the independent messaging crown.”

The Guardian: Alibaba invests $215m in Tango mobile messaging service

“The four-year-old company is used by 200m people worldwide and allows video as well as text chats as well as offering games and music. Tango is available in 14 languages and has members in more than 224 countries. Its two largest markets are the US and the Middle East.”

TechInAsia: Tencent versus Alibaba: a complete guide to an increasingly fierce rivalry (INFOGRAPHIC)

“Tencent is the world’s fourth largest web company, and Alibaba is on the verge of history’s largest tech IPO. Both of these behemoth companies occupy many of the same verticals in China, which is the biggest and possibly most isolated internet ecosystem on Earth.”

GMIC 2014 Speakers in the News

Reuters: Tencent sharpens focus on WeChat expansion

Pony Ma, CEO, Tencent. “WeChat is now worth about $64 billion, CLSA analyst Elinor Leung said this month, arguing that the expected multiple uses offer far greater earning potential than WhatsApp, which Facebook bought for $19 billion last month.”

CNET: Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra: True world phones in 2 years, Android all the way

Hugo Barra, VP, Xiaomi. “Google has [a phenomenal  ecosystem] with Android, and we’re firmly behind it. We don’t just take Android from Google — we make a significant amount of improvements, changes, and additions to Android. We think we’ve made Android an even better operating system.”

Re/code: With Global Ambitions, Chinese Gaming Company FunPlus Raises $74 Million

Andy Zhong, CEO, FunPlus. “That means its current annual revenue would be somewhere between $175 million and $219 million, if daily revenue were stable year-round. To put that in context, Zynga grossed $147 million in Q4 2013 off of 27 million daily active users, for six cents in ARPDAU.”

Examiner: Shine, the activity monitor that brings sexy back

Sonny Vu, CEO, Misfit Wearables. “Shine, like Fitbit or Jawbone, tracks and measures physical activity, steps, sleep, food intake… via an app. But its fabrication sets the monitor apart. Bluetooth Low Energy allows the monitor to function for months without needing to recharge its battery. “

TheNextWeb: Mobile browser-maker UCWeb, another global tech firm under the radar, crosses 500m users

Yu Yongfu, CEO, UWeb. “As part of its crossing of half a billion users, the company is upping its focus on the content side of its offering. “Our new mission is to provide users with more than just a browsing tool, but also a platform of rich content and services specially developed for users in different regions.””

Partner Events

First Makathon, Open Source Hardware Hackathon!
This weekend, March 28-30, San Carlos
Building a global community of serious makers for local impact.Themes: Social Impact, Improved Wearable, Music makes me happy. Judges from Samsung Catalyst Fund, Y Combinator, and OpenFuelCell.

Bay Area Android Fest
April 12, San Jose
Bay Area Android Meetup Groups unite in collaboration with Intel Corporation for a full day of lessons for software developers building Android apps.  The topics will range from Design & Development, to Testing, Monetization, and App Discovery! There will be giveaways upon registration, plus tablets and remote cars to win!

Brazilian Heritage Night
May 10, Santa Clara
Organized jointly with MSL’s San Jose Earthquakes, join friendly matches between tech Brazilians versus tech professionals from all over the world. Also, bring friends & family for the soccer match between San Jose Earthquakes vs. FC DallasStay tuned for details!

May 16-17, Santa Clara
TiEcon 2014, marking the 21st consecutive TiEcon event, is one of the largest & longest ongoing conferences focused around entrepreneurship and tech innovation. Ranked alongside Demo, TED and World Economic Forum as one of the top 10 conferences for ideas and entrepreneurship by Worth magazine.

HTML5 Developers Conference
May 22, San Francisco
The HTML5 Developers Conference continues to grow into the largest software developer focused conference in the known universe, with the finest technical speakers in the cosmos. Our core strengths are in mobile web cross platform technologies such as HTML JavaScript, CSS, node.js coding and design for client side, apps and servers.


Register Now for GMIC Beijing, Asia’s Largest Mobile Conference, May 5-6. Special Pricing ends on April 1!

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