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InMobi Global Reach Increases to 759 Million Monthly Active Users : Second Only to Facebook on Global Reach

InMobi, one of the leading mobile advertising companies globally recently announced its network growth numbers for the period ending December 31, 2013. InMobi now reaches 759 million active users per month through their mobile devices, providing advertisers with the largest global reach, after Facebook. These 759 million anonymous profiles on the InMobi network span 165 countries, bringing a truly global audience to advertisers claimed the company.

inMobi Global Reach

“According to IDC, smartphone shipments are expected to pass one billion for the first time in 2014. Mobile has become the foundation of peoples’ lives, it is now the preferred media platform—overtaking even TV—it is how people obtain necessary information for everyday life,” said Naveen Tewari, CEO, InMobi. “With this growing reliance on mobile devices, naturally, advertising budgets are following consumers. Five years ago, a brand that included mobile advertising in its portfolio was ahead of the curve. Today, if you’re not advertising on mobile, you risk losing an entire generation of consumers.”

Tewari continued, “Our platform processes 240 TB of data per day to make the best possible decisions to deliver the most relevant content to the user. Reaching consumers via mobile has become common, but providing the best user experience, including engaging ad formats, precise targeting, and delivering consistently relevant messaging, relies on the intelligent processing of big data and continued innovation.”

Key InMobi Network Statistics

  • InMobi receives over four billion ad requests per day;
  • 9.2 billion events ingested per day;
  • The InMobi platform processes 240 TB of data per day to deliver the most relevant advertising content to consumers;
  • 5 TB of new data generated daily; and,
  • Truly global reach of 759 million active monthly users, across 165 countries.

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