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Xiaomi: Creating the Perfect Android Experience

Not Xiaomi to blame

According to Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, there has been a  lot of feedback saying Xiaomi’s phones, which run on the Android platform, have short battery life. Talking to the main stage hall on the first day of GMIC Beijing 2013, he explains that the reason behind their seemingly short battery life should be attributed to the many applications running secretly in the background, made possible with Android’s loosely-controlled ecosystem. Many applications actually start up by themselves and consume 3G and battery life much to the surprise of the many unsuspecting users. Although the Android platform has already surpassed iOS as the most-used mobile operating system long ago, Lei Jun believes that it is still not matured enough.

Creating the Perfect Android Experience

Lei Jun has a dream to create the Perfect Android Experience for everyone. In order for that to materialize,  Lei Jun appeals for everyone to play their part; mobile phone manufacturers will have to continue with building the coolest-looking devices, software developers need to constantly release exciting and responsible contents, and even users can help themselves by learning to use their phone the right way. He also took the opportunity to promote MIUI, a firmware released by Xiaomi, which is widely publicized as the one that will redefine the Android user experience. MIUI will allow users to manage their phone better, provides more customizations, better security, and most importantly, controls applications running secretly in the background. Lei Jun has been on-the-ground with the developments of MIUI since the beginning, attending MIUI meeting every Monday for the past three years so as to ensure the smooth development of the product.

Lei Jun has been trying his best to provide the perfect user experience. How about you?

Edited by Matt Johnson

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