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SAP AG and Kingsoft Discuss the Risks and Benefits of Putting Cloud in Your Pocket

Sanjay Poonen, President of SAP AG, joined Zhang Hongjiang, CEO of Kingsoft, on the GMIC Beijing stage to discuss the space of big data and cloud and its place within the mobile industry. While there are big opportunities with this trend, there are also tremendous obstacles to the integration of both worlds. In particular, panel moderator, Mukund Mohan, CEO of Microsoft Accelerator India, points out the problems with “data deluge and mobile switch”.

Both Sanjay Poonen and Zhang Hongjiang were enthusiastic about the cloud and identified three different ways in which the cloud is being used by the consumer: the personal cloud, private cloud, and corporate cloud. For Zhang Hongjiang, the personal cloud is important for the future of Kingsoft as the traditional software company is moving its services onto mobile Internet for consumers. Hongjiang asserts that “mobile Internet is most important driving force for us”. Kingsoft finds that users like using its cloud service because it’s easier to store data in one place.

However, as consumers are uploading more and more data about themselves on their devices, mobile security is an issue that arises with the popularity of the cloud. Data security is a key issue for Kingsoft in moving to the cloud, according to Hongjiang. Additionally, Sanjay Poonen predicts the rise of device management programs to manage applications in the cloud and protect user data. These programs will increase privacy for personal use in the private cloud and manage documents for companies in the corporate cloud. Poonen asserts that this is a “great opportunity for the mobile security space”.

Sanjay Poonen also sees the potential of the cloud as an improvement on the consumer’s daily life by connecting all of their devices with the machines they use through the Internet. He uses an example of a ‘smart’ vending machine in which the machine incorporates 3rd party consumer data. As a result, inventory decisions and marketing campaigns will be easier for the supplier. Consumers would also be able to receive special promos about the vending machines on their smartphone and a one-to-one consumer relationship will be forged. With the consumer’s preferences saved on the vending machine, “machine can talk to man and man can talk back to the machine.” This is social media collaboration at its best according to Poonen.

Mohan commented that it was the “most charming presentation of Big Brother I have ever heard”.

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