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The Future of Mobile Advertising

Naveen Tewari, CEO & Founder of Inmobi, the world’s largest independent mobile ad company, believes mobile advertising technology is on the cusp of being able to predict what users want with near perfect accuracy.

“The galaxy of information that exists out there is amazing,” Tewari said during his keynote address at the 2013 GMIC  Beijing.

He explained that the “holy grail” of advertising rotates around three factors – understanding what and who the user is, understanding where the user is and what his frame of mind is, and finally, understanding the users preferences and consumption triggers.

Tewari said that through the crush of personal data available from users’ internet preferences, social media presence, and daily patterns, advertisers already have a deep understanding of who each user is. Essentially, he said they are able to build a “life map” of each mobile user that hinges on these metrics to obtain a deep understanding of his interests and routines.

Through this understanding, advertising can be refined to razor fine precision, Tewari said.

He envisions a future where a mobile user watching T.V. is able to view the same ad on both screens, and engage in them at a very personal level. This would open up the mobile market to the billions of dollars in television advertising.

“It’s not about mobile versus television,” Tewari said. “We believe it’s mobile plus television.”

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