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GGS Seoul Sends Ten Korean Mobile Games to GMIC Beijing for New Distribution in the Chinese Market

Following on the coattails of its successful GGS mobile gaming event in San Francisco, GWC held its 4th GGS event last Friday evening in the Microsoft Center in Central Seoul’s Gangnam district, where an audience of 100 game developers, investors, and distributors were given a taste of Korea’s latest innovators in the mobile game space. The event was organized by Wildcard, Korea’s leading social game platform and consultancy. The selected 10 games were judged by Crzyfish, PerfectWorld, App Annie, and Gamvil in a 2 hour event packed to the brim with some of the most promising new game innovators to come out of the Korean market.


NOKNOK responds to judge questioning.

All entrants of the event will receive a Silver Pass for a mini booth to exhibit their games at GMIC Beijing this May 7-8 in the China National Convention Center in Beijing.  Additionally, each game will receive 3 Side Stage passes to the conference while a selected few will be given a Gold Pass to demo on-stage at the GGS Summit. In total, there will be 50 games invited to GMIC on May 7-8 from our GGS events in Chengdu, Beijing, San Francisco, Seoul, and Shanghai.


Numix Mediaworks shows off its “PSY Wars” mobile game.

The games and companies are displayed below by order of presentation.

Beat Runner (iAmGuild) – a rhythmic side-scroller whose hero must battle to the beat through cartoon-like enemies and stages.

Disaster Guy (RawHand) – a game where you play the role of a man who constantly runs into trouble, battling to safety and dodging many obstacles along the way.

Fashion City (NOKNOK) – a fashion social game where players create their own clothing store and compete for the latest fashion trends with their friends.

Level Up (Delusion Studio) – an action-packed mobile social role-playing game with Pixar-like graphics set in a medieval-like fantasy land.

PSY Wars (Numix Mediaworks) – fight as PSY (Gangnam Style) in this side-scrolling shooter as he battles through the streets when monsters descend on the land.

Real Farm (NeoGames) – grow plants in your own virtual home and trade with other players on the social market.

Style City (NOKNOK) – a hairstylist social game that allows players to open their own hair salon and compete with others to find the greatest new hair styles.

The Rich Man (FOBIKR) – ever wanted to own the greatest monuments in the world (virtually)? The Rich Man allows players to buy land around the world.

Trikorean Empires (Guarneri Studio) – a mobile total war RTS depicting the Three Kingdoms wars in Korea.

War Genesis (The Babel, by Rainbow Yard) – an action game combining elements of Temple Run and Diablo-style action RPG on the Tower of Babel and many other courses.


GGS Seoul was held in the Microsoft Center in Central Seoul (Gangnam).

Congratulations to all the winners!

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