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GGS Mobile Game Platform Announces Ten Winners from GGS Beijing!


Held in Beijing on Tuesday, the second installment of GGS was a smash hit! With 400 in attendance at the Schonbrunn Hotel and judges from DeNA, Tapjoy, 91 Perfect World, Zynga, and Renren, GGS Beijing sets the stage for the next phase of the competition, which will be held in Guangzhou, Seoul, Tokyo, and San Francisco in March.

GGS San Francisco will take place on March 28th! Those in the Bay Area don’t forget to sign up on EventBrite here.

Together, the 10 mobile game winners from GGS Beijing will join the winners from GGS Chengdu in January at GMIC Beijing this May 7-8, where they will receive a free mini booth and a grand opportunity to showcase their games at the GGS Summit.  The winner titles are listed below. 

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北欧传奇 – Tales of Nordic Gods
The human world is about to meet almost certain destruction at the hands of the underworld. As a knight charged with defending the homeland, you must fight the devils, spirits and giants of another world to save the fate of humanity.
二战前线 – World War II: Frontlines
Takes place during the backdrop of World War II, where you play as a commander who must march his troops into battle.
怪物X联盟 – Monster X Alliance
A cute and fun pet/animal game. Training masters must train and tame more than a hundred different magical pets.
乐乐鱼聚会 – Happy Fish Party
A game that consists of collecting treasure and large fish eating small fish.
猎神 – Hunting Spirit
A 3D role-playing game where one can play as a soldier, paladin, a monk, or a ninja.
圣域之战 – War for the Sacred Land
In the Western lands wrought with demons and war in an era without hope, players must play the role of  a king with conviction and cause as he assembles heroes from the four corners of the world to protect his people and become a powerful state.
修仙世界 – World of Immortals
A mobile role-playing game with many quests, campaigns, monsters, wars, enemies, creatures, equipment and all types of modes of play. Uses internet connectivity for massive multiplayer RPG (MMORPG) gameplay.
战魂 – Warring Souls
The former kings have fallen, and the great empire time is short. The spirit in the palace has slept for 700 years waiting to awaken. Chaos will lead warriors into a bloody and magical vortex, and the world will once again become a battlefield of heroes.
众神无双 – Unparalleled God World
This game comes from a Greek legend, giving an account of the ancient city of Atlantis. A star appeared in the sky and broke the world to pieces. The Gods saved you as king or queen, and you are given power on a vengeful path of hardship. You must restore civilization and fight through plots and traps on the way. The story is yours to write.
大掌门 – Great Gateway
A Chinese-style martial arts RPG and tactical strategy game, involving plots and kung fu stories, allowing players to be victorious in martial arts.
浪游者·战歌 – Battle Song of the Wanderer
With powerful 3D effects and special effects, and following Greek and Nordic mythology, Battle Song of the Wanderer is a daring and adventurous role-playing game.

Congratulations to our winners! Stay tuned for our next round of GGS winners!

About GGS

GGS (Global Game Stars) is a global mobile gaming and business matching platform that includes a semi-annual competition and final summit in Beijing and Silicon Valley. GGS events aim to Connect, Educate, and Promote mobile gaming entrepreneurs and introduce them to platforms, publishers, VCs and media.

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